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Rounding The Bases With Joel Goldberg

Dec 14, 2018

Ryann Dowdy is a sales coach, coach, trainer and digital marketer.

She works with female entrepreneurs and small businesses, teaching them how to sell in a way that feels good for their organizations.

Most women’s biggest issue is confidence. Not enough people cheering them on. Lot of these skills haven’t even taught. No road map for being a successful person. Inherently programmed into men and expect it.

Ryann helps women see their true passion and better communicate what they are good at. Taking out the ums and ahs and maybes. Hope women change passive behaviors when it’s expected. Ask for what you want.

Encourages women to write down their dreams, put number and timeline on it. Gives accountability. Understanding your own values.

Best books she’s read lately: Shonda Rhimes “Year of Yes,” and Gary Vaynderchuk’s “Crushing It.”

Listens to podcasts like Kelly Roach’s “Unstoppable Success Radio,” Amy Porterfield’s “Online Marketing Made Easy,” and Jeb Blount.

Personal goal of total time and location freedom.

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