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Rounding The Bases With Joel Goldberg

Jul 6, 2020

Kyle Bamberger wears two hats in the world of baseball.  He is a scout for the Cleveland Indians and also the director of operations for an organization called Baseball Miracles. 

Baseball Miracles brings the game of baseball to deserving children in under-served communities around the world.  They  aim to teach the children valuable life lessons, provide the communities with resources to help the children play safely and confidently, and, most importantly, bring some light into their lives. To make this happen, they focus their efforts on four pillars; Baseball Instruction, Devotion, Community Service, and Sociability.

The Baseball Miracles team is made up of a variation of like minded and charitable volunteers. From Major League Baseball managers, scouts and players to individuals who simply love the game and want to share that with youths across the globe. 

The organization was started by longtime MLB scout John Tumminia.