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Rounding The Bases With Joel Goldberg

Feb 15, 2019

Jake Reid grew up in NE Ohio. Played Div 3 basketball

First job out of college was with New Orleans in the NBA, first management opportunity with move to Charlotte

Worked in England at 25 in soccer for two seasons, built team from scratch, then to Kansas City in 2010. Enjoys building.

Felt 3-5 year plan and then reassess. Became president and CEO eventually and now in KC over 8 years and

Enjoys helping people learn on the management side. Passion for leading and mentoring.  Huge process guy. Control what you can control. 

Involved with re-brand changing name from Wizards to Sporting KC.  After a year of criticism, the move was praised.

Having ownership with 5 local families involved not normal in sports and a huge factor in Sporting’s success with attention to detail. Trust people, relationships. Jake focuses on business, Peter Vermes focuses on the team and they are synced at the hip reporting to Cliff Illig

Believes need to let people fail. Cliff told him he needed to fail more. Take more risk. Need good culture set at the top

Identify your blind spots no matter how good you are. Trust others.